The Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia (AZN) is pleased to invite you to the 4th annual conference with the title »Insurance in a Digital Future« on the 13th September 2018, in Hotel Union Ljubljana – Slovenia.

The conference will address the changing nature of insurance business and regulation in the environment where digital transformation is quickly becoming the new norm. The main focus of the event is the exploration of the consequences of digital transformation on the insurance business. As digitalisation spreads to almost all areas of human activity, new technologies raise various challenges for the companies, insurers, consumers, and regulators. The conference will explore the impact of cyber risks, data protection and others on the industry as a whole, as well as on consumers.

The event will feature a distinguished line-up of speakers, including dr. Manuela Zweimüller, Head of the Policy Department at EIOPA and Sylvia Cronin, Director of Insurance Supervision at Central Bank of Ireland, among many others. The event is open to a wide audience, including policy makers and leaders in the insurance industry.

The registration form, organisation details and agenda are available at the folowing link: In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact us at

The Organizers of the event can modify and improve this program without prior notice. Any change will be notified in due time. Conference is free of charge.


Photo: Krokar, primeval beech forest in Slovenia, UNESCO World Heritage List


8:15 Registration and coffee or tea
9:00 Welcome address & introductory remarks
Gorazd Čibej, MSc, Acting Director, Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia

1. Section: Consumer Protection in a Digital World

The digital way of conducting business exposes firms, consumers and regulators to a plethora of new risks. The section will explore the ways of dealing with consumer protection in the new environment.

  1. Keynote speech: dr. Manuela Zweimueller, Head of the Policy Department, EIOPA
  2. Mart Jesse, MSc, CEO of the Estonian Insurance Association; CEO of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund, Estonia
  3. Elena Nebolsina, PhD, Associate Professor, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia

2. Section: Going Digital and Remaining Safe

Cyber risks present more than just a new set of risks to the supervised firms. They can also expose consumers to undesired consequences related to personal security.

  1. Keynote speech: Sylvia Cronin, Director of Insurance Supervision of Ireland
  2. Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo, M.I.A., Director of the Bank Association of Slovenia
  3. Dobran Božič, MSc, Director of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information, Slovenia
  4. Boštjan Vovk, Deputy Director and Head of Department of Supervision at Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia
11:45 Break: 30 min (soft drinks & snacks)

3. Section: A Look into the Future

In this section we will explore current developments and trends related to digitalisation, fintech and artificial intelligence.

  1. Keynote speech: dr. Ivan Bratko, Professor of Computer Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. dr. Sameer Datye, Head of Business Development for Insurance & Wealth Management, Tieto Corporation, Finland
  3. Ioana Gherman, Data Scientist & Gloria Della Noce, Senior Data Scientist, Generali, Italy
  4. Renaud Million, MSc, Co-founder and CEO of Spixii, UK
  5. Ian Dull, MSc, Senior Manager, ReD Associates, Denmark

4. Panel discussion: Where do we Go from Here?

Moderator: dr. Mojca Piškurič, Deputy Director, Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia

Panelists: dr. Manuela Zweimueller, EIOPA; Mart Jesse, MSc, Estonian Insurance Association; Renaud Million, MSc, Spixii and Ian Dull, MSc, ReD Associates

15:00 Late Lunch

A guided tour of the National and University Library and a social event at the Wine bar Šuklje, Breg 10, Ljubljana.

At the registration you will receive a broucher with the map of the location of the event. Walking distance.


Printable version of programme: Programme [PDF]

Speakers & Presentation

Gorazd Čibej, MSc

Acting Director, Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia


Gorazd Čibej, LL.M, has been the Acting Director of the Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia since January 2018.

In 2000 he graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. He holds a Master’s Degree in European Law (LL.M) from the Lund University, Sweden, which he obtained in 2001. As a graduated lawyer, he completed his practical training at the Higher Court of Ljubljana. He passed the state bar exam. Afterwards, he was employed by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, first in the Environment Directorate and later in the Minister’s Office. In 2007 and 2008, he participated in the project of Slovenia’s presiding the European Union as an outsourced expert working for the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

Gorazd Čibej was employed by the Insurance Supervision Agency in 2006 to perform the most complex legal tasks. In 2015 the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia appointed him member of the Council of Experts of the Insurance Supervision Agency for a six-year term of office. Since November 2017, he has also been the President of the Council of Experts of the Insurance Supervision Agency.

As Acting Director, he is also a member of the EIOPA Board of Supervisors. Within the EIOPA, he has also been appointed a substitute member of the Mediation Panel and a member of the Supervisory Steering Committee. In August 2016 Gorazd Čibej was appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services.

Since 2000 he has actively participated in seminars and training courses in the areas of mediation, management and political and economic sciences.

He was awarded the degree of a mediator under the wings of the Cardozo School of Law, recognised by the US Bar Association, and in 2016 he completed the certified international business negotiation programme at the Mitchell Hamline University, USA. In 2017 he participated in additional training in the field of corporate governance at the Harvard University, USA.

dr. Manuela Zweimueller

Head of the Policy Department, EIOPA


Dr. Manuela Zweimueller is heading the Policy Department of EIOPA. In this role, she is responsible for EIOPA's regulatory and strategic policy tasks in the fields of insurance, pensions and international relations and reports directly to the Authority’s Executive Director. Manuela represents EIOPA in international matters and is a member of the IAIS Financial Stability and Technical Committee. Since August 2011, she held several senior positions in areas including consumer protection, peer reviews and impact assessment. Main projects under her responsibility were Solvency II, IORP II, IDD and infrastructure investments.

Prior to EIOPA, Ms Zweimueller was a member of Senior Management at Munich RE. In her last task until July 2011 she led the implementation of Solvency II at ERGO International and set up a Risk Management Hub in London for Munich RE. From 2008 to 2010, she was the Managing Director of Munich RE's branch office in France. During the years before, Manuela played a key role when establishing a Group Risk Management function at Munich RE. During her time with Allianz SE until 2001, her focus was on industrial business and innovative technologies.

Ms Zweimueller has extensive work experience in the (re)insurance business and particularly in risk management and also worked in Paris, London and Sydney. Since 2013​​​, she is regularly​ nominated to the Financial News FN100 Women in Finance list, depicting the most influential female executives working in European financial markets. Ms Zweimueller holds a PhD in biochemistry and a Certificate in Economics for Scientists by the University of Hagen (Germany).


Mart Jesse, MSc

CEO of the Estonian Insurance Association; CEO of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund, Estonia


Including short term sabbatical, Mart Jesse has been working since 2001 as the CEO of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (ETIF) and since 2010 also as the CEO of the Estonian Insurance Association (EIA).

When Mart joined the ETIF, it was a near-to-bankrupt governmental institution in charge of regulating and supervising motor third party liability (MPTL) insurance in Estonia. After deregulating the market and restructuring of the organization, ETIF was reorganized into the form of NGO and functions currently as the central administrating body ot the MTPL system similarly to other EU countries (information centre, guarantee fund, compensation body etc).

After joining EIA, Mart set self-regulation of the market as one his key targets. In 2011 the alternative dispute resolution body was established. After that minimum service standards for several business lines have been introduced, unification of terminology completed and consumer financial literacy program launched. The aim of the latter has been to improve the transparency of the market and increase the level of consumer protection and fair competition in the market.

Before joining insurance sector he worked in banking and leasing, holding different positions. During his career, he has also worked as a consultant running change management and corporate restructuring projects.

He has aquired bachelor degree in law in Tartu University and masters degree in public administration in Syracuse University (Fulbright). Due to time constraints he did not finish his PhD journey in business administration in Tartu University.

He is married and the father of three children. During his career he has published numerous articles in the field of social insurance, administrative reform and taxation. In 2010 he was nominated as a nominee for award of supreb journalism.


Elena Nebolsina, PhD

Associate Professor, MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia


While studying at MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, Elena specialized in international insurance and during her studies she started working in life insurance department of a large insurance company. After graduating from MGIMO university Elena carried out the research on the prospects of creating a single insurance market of EurAsEC (The Eurasian Economic Community) members which was the basis of her PhD thesis. Along with scientific work Elena gained practical experience in insurance and reinsurance sector, providing for facultative and treaty protection of risks.

Today Elena is an associate professor at MGIMO university, author and lecturer of various courses on insurance, risk-management and crisis management as well as Business English and Insurance English.


Sylvia Cronin

Director of Insurance Supervision, Ireland


Sylvia Cronin was appointed as Director of Insurance Supervision in October 2014 and is a Member of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (“EIOPA”) Board of Supervisors.

Before joining the Central Bank, Sylvia spent the majority of her career working in the insurance industry, most recently as Chief Executive of Augura Life Ireland Ltd. Previously, Sylvia was the Chief Executive of MGM International Assurance Ltd. and spent several years with the AXA Group where she was head of Business Development, Services and Marketing in Ireland. Sylvia started her insurance career with the Fortis Group where her focus was on IT Management.

Sylvia holds a Masters in Business Administration and was admitted as a Chartered Director to the Institute of Directors in London.


Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo, M.I.A.

Director of the Bank Association of Slovenia


Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo is, since July 2017 Director of the Bank Association of Slovenia. In the period of April 2016 to July 2017 she was Strategic Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia and Chief Compliance Officer. From April 2010 to April 2016 she was Vice Governor of the Bank of Slovenia, which is responsible authority also for banking supervision and financial stability. She is a Member of Executive Board of EBF. She was a Member of SSM ECB Supervisory Board, nonvoting Member of ESRB, Member of National Systemic Risk Board, Member of ECB Ethics Framework TF and member of EBA.

She has 29 years of working experience. She is former Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance (2005 – 2009), from 1998 to 2005 she was State Undersecretary at the Ministry of Finance. During the period of 2003 to 2009 she was also a Member of EFC T-Bills and Bonds Working Group. She also has short term working experience in the World Bank. She stared her career in 1989 in the Central Bank of the Republic of Slovenia.

She was member of an expert group on public finance, participating in many national and international conferences and other forms of consultancy activities in the region (including Regional Center for Excellence in Finance and IMF).

She holds a Master degree in International Affairs (Economic Policy Management), Columbia University, New York and Bachelor degree in Law, Ljubljana University.


Dobran Božič, MSc

Director of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information (NSA), Slovenia


Dobran Božič is the director of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information (NSA). Previously, he served as the chief of General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) (2012-2014), Commander of the 1st Brigade fo the SAF (2009-2011), deputy Force Commander Slovene Armed Forces and other command and stuff positions.

He held numerous staff and command positions in the framework of the SAF and Territorial Defence Republic Staff. His activities abroad involve the position of the UN military representative in Washington (2015), commander of the Slovenian ISAF Contingent in Afghanistan (2011), commander of the largest Slovenian Contingent to KFOR, and deputy Commander in the Multinational Task Force West, KFOR (2007).

He holds a MSc from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and a MSc from the National Defence University, Washington D.C. His military education in the USA involves the Command and General Staff College, Joint Warfighting Staff College at the National War College. He was rewarded a Gold Medal of the SAF, Bronze Medal of General Maister and French Medal Légion d'honneur.

Boštjan Vovk

Deputy Director and Head of Department of Supervision at Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia


Boštjan Vovk is a Deputy Director and Head of Department of Supervision at Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia (AZN).

He has nearly 20 years of experience in insurance business and has joined Slovenian Insurance supervision Agency in 2015. In his prior career he served as an authorized officer of the management board of Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d. where his responsibility was life and health business within the Group (2009 – 2013). Earlier he was the appointed actuary of Kapitalska družba, d.d., Slovenian state owned pension fund management company where he participated in set up of all pension funds run by the company (2000 – 2009). In 2001 he cofounded 3sigma d.o.o., the first actuarial consulting business in Slovenia.

Since 1998 he has been a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers insurance companies audit teams and has participated in several due diligence projects and valuations of insurance companies in the region.


dr. Ivan Bratko

Professor of Computer Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ivan Bratko is professor of computer science at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana University, Slovenia.

He has conducted research in several areas of Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and data mining, knowledge-based systems, qualitative modelling, intelligent robotics, and heuristic search. His main interests in machine learning have been in learning from imperfect data, Inductive Logic Programming, combining learning and qualitative reasoning, autonomous robot discovery, and various applications of machine learning including medicine, ecological modelling and control of dynamic systems. Ivan Bratko is the author of widely used textbook Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence (4th edition: Pearson Education 2012) and over 200 scientific publications, with 11 thousand citations in Google Scholar.

In the last fifteen years, professor Bratko was the principal investigator in three major, long-term Slovenian national research programmes in Artificial Intelligence, and coordinator of Ljubljana University’s participation in several European research projects. He is Fellow of EurAI, member of Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Academia Europaea.


dr. Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development for Insurance & Wealth Management, Tieto Corporation, Finland


Dr. Sameer Datye has a Ph.D in computer science from University of Jyväskylä, Finland and MSc from University of Salford, UK.

He started his career in the Packaging & Advertising industry and then-on has worked in the Healthcare and Financial services verticals from 2001.

Presently, he is the Head of Business Development for Insurance & Wealth Management for Tieto Corp.


Ioana Gherman

Data Scientist, GENERALI, Italy


After completing her bachelor degree in Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol (UK), followed by a master degree in Computer Science at the University of Oxford (UK), she started her professional career at Polecat, a risk intelligence company in the UK.

Since December 2017 she works for Assicurazioni Generali, as data scientist, in the Analytics Solutions Centre, a structure created in Milan in order to support the digital transformation of the Group through the development of Data Analytics. She has been actively involved in fraud detection, process automation and cross-selling projects.


Gloria Della Noce

Senior Data Scientist, GENERALI, Italy


With a background in theoretical mathematics, Gloria started her career in management consulting at A.T. Kearney, with a focus on the insurance sector. In 2013 she joined the holding of Generali Group, where she was in charge of workforce planning and HR analytics.

She is currently Senior Data Scientist for the Analytics Solution Center, a team of data scientists and business analysts providing Data Analytics expertise and services to the Group business units, with the mission of fostering the use of advanced analytics to address business challenges all over the insurance value chain.

She has been involved in 15+ projects in different business domains and her main areas of expertise are Fraud Analytics and Data Visualization.


Renaud Million, MSc

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, SPIXII, United Kingdom


Renaud Million is the co-founder and CEO of Spixii, a tech company dedicated to helping more people get better protected through automated technology. After studying engineering at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Renaud moved to England and finished his education with an MSc in Operational Research & Management Sciences at Lancaster University.

He proceeded to serve EY London for six years, consulting insurance companies and building risk models while training for the British actuarial profession.

Passionate about transforming the insurance industry, the move to start Spixii was a natural fit.


Ian Dull, MSc

Senior Manager, ReD Associates, Denmark


Ian Dull is a Senior Manager at ReD Associates in Copenhagen, a social-science-driven consultancy. At ReD, Ian applies his background in anthropology, archaeology and architecture to understanding the ways in which people around the world interact with new technologies, new cultural changes, and new products, helping some of the world’s largest companies from healthcare to consumer goods -- and on to finance & insurance -- design strategies and products for new realities. His work routinely brings him to around the world to make sense of new global phenomena and how they are being shaped and adopted by everyday people.

In recent years, Ian has become more deeply involved in working within the finance and insurance industries, helping ReD’s clients in Europe and the Nordics understand the impact of new financial technologies and societal changes on how people think about their assets and visions for the future -- and advising them in designing new solutions and innovation approaches to respond.

Ian holds a Master’s Degree in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University.


dr. Mojca Piškurič

Deputy Director, Insurance Supervision Agency, Slovenia


Dr. Mojca Piškurić received her PhD in Game Theory and Probability from the Technical University of Dresden.

She has been working in risk management for 13 years with the Bank of Slovenia, European Central Bank, Kapitalska družba, d.d. and Zavarovalnica Triglav. In recent years she has been implementing a holistic enterprise risk management system and Solvency 2 requirements in Slovenia's biggest insurance company. She frequently participates as a speaker at regional insurance and financial conferences.

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