Council of Experts

The Council of Experts adopts decisions on authorisations, approvals and other specific matters on decisions taken by the Agency, unless otherwise stipulated by the ZZavar-1 or another act. It issues regulations where the law so prescribes and adopts the following: the rules of procedure of the Agency; the report on the insurance industry’s business performance; the Agency’s annual report; the annual plan for the Agency’s technical services; the Agency’s annual statement of account; and the Agency’s financial plan.

The Agency’s Council of Experts comprises the President of the Council of Experts and four members.

The President of the Council of Experts:

  • Gorazd Čibej, MSc

The members of the Council of Experts:

  • Florjan Lorger
  • Andrej Zupančič, MSc
  • Aleksandar Volaš
  • Peter Papež