Tasks and objectives

The Supervision Insurance Agency’s basic tasks are: to foster the continued economic security and financial soundness of the supervised entities; to contribute to providing an adequate level of protection to current and future policyholders, persons insured and other insurance beneficiaries; and to ensure that insurance companies are able, with a high degree of probability, to meet their obligations to their policyholders and insured persons in a timely manner.

The main goal of the supervision performed by the Agency is to protect policyholders, insured persons and other insurance beneficiaries. The Agency pursues this goal by supervising insurance companies and other supervised entities, thereby ensuring that insurance companies and other entities operate lawfully and in accordance with the relevant rules on risk management.

Supervised entities:

  • insurance, reinsurance companies, insurance groups and pension companies that operate in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • holders of qualifying holdings in the aforementioned institutions;
  • members of management boards and supervisory boards of the aforementioned institutions;
  • holders of key functions in the aforementioned institutions;
  • branches of insurance companies from other EU member states;
  • insurance companies from EU member states in terms of the services and operations they provide in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • special purpose vehicles to which risks are transferred by the insurance company;
  • transferees for the excluded transactions made by insurance companies;
  • insurance agents and brokers.