In case of any problems with the insurance contract, clients should first turn to the insurance company or its complaints department.Each insurance company must have a system for resolving disputes out-of-court, and the rules on the complaints procedure must be publicly accessible.

 If you are not satisfied with the decision of the complaints department, you can turn to the Mediation Centre of the Slovenian Insurance Association, Železna cesta 14, 1000 Ljubljana ( Although it cannot issue a binding decision, it can help achieve an agreement to resolve the dispute.

 You can also turn to the Insurance Ombudsman at the Slovenian Insurance Association, who decides on disputes between clients and insurance companies resulting from non-compliance with the insurance code and other good business practices. The Ombudsman does not treat disputes that lie within the jurisdiction of the court considering their legal nature and contents.

The Agency is not an appellate body and does not decide or advise consumers (policyholders) about specific insurance contracts concluded. It is also not authorised to resolve disputes between consumers and insurance companies in relation to individual insurance contracts.